Electrical energy solutions



Wireless charging and speed chargers



is an innovative R&D company which focus on the environmentally friendly transportation / production / storage of energy.


What can we offer to you


  •   Consultancy service
    • for automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, solar and wind industry.
  •   Products, solutions
    • service maintenance
  •   Work with you world-wide
    • establishing project´s even under the worst off-grid conditions.
    • UAE, Asia, North America, Europe
  •   Supply
    • the comfort of electricity
    • heat & cold
    • electric mobility
  •   Granting
    • production licenses
    • education
    • knowledge transfer
    • help establishing business opportunities in these locations.
  • Do it yourself
    • Kit´s
    • Components
    • Drawings
    • Software
  • for your own Wind, Solar, Storage or E-mobility Project




Energy Production


For energy production you have three options: water, solar and wind as on- and offgrid solutions. Energy as heat and/or electricity.




Energy Storage


Utility scale battery energy storage systems, hybrid energy systems or customer specific engineering services


You can store your energy with our hydrogen, super-caps and the latest battery technologies.

The design is always according for your required applications. Including mechanical protection and BMS integration.

New speedcharging controller gives you a much higher usable time. In commercial application the economical benefit increase.




Energy Use


E-mobility and conventional use of electricity.

High power electrical- boots, bikes, ATV, and Go Cart ready for the market.

We have conversion kit´s available to switch from combustion engines to electrical drive.



E-mobility competence center


At our E-mobility competence center you can test the newest development, or participate on a hands on training.


  • Boats
  • small Cars
  • ATV
  • Go-carts
  • Motorbikes
  • Scooter


Charging stations via our renewable energy devices.




Our company´s headquarter is based in Germany, our R&D Labs are located in Sweden.



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